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Foundation Tools To Work

What we do

Tools To Work enables people to become self sufficient. Skilled volunteers in our workshop refurbish and revise tools together with unemployed persons. The tools are intended for vocational training and small scale entrepreneurs in Africa and for families living below the poverty line in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands

Volunteers, people taking part in a social reactivation plan or as daytime occupation are gaining skills and experience, working in our workplace. This enables them to reintergrate into society. In addition underprivileged children can receive a bike or computer for their schooling.

In Africa

In Africa Tools To Work promotes vocational skills for young adults. We provide goods to schools and starting entrepreneurs on request from a local organization. Our focus countries are Uganda, Kenya and Sierra Leone. In Africa our experienced volunteers also train people in maintenance and repairs of goods.

Vision and mission

Tools To Works vision is that every person should get the opportunity to live an autonomous life. Tools To Work wants to give people tools to develop themselves and take part in society being independent. Recycling goods and materials lead towards a more sustainable environment. Tools To Work has 5 departments: bicycles-, tools-, woodworks-, computer, sewing- and knittingmachines . It is a certified training institute.

Project Request

Projects can request goods at Tools To Work with the following inquiry form. Download the form and read the related conditions and information carefully, before you fill out the form. Thank you. We look forward to your request.

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